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Leave only footprints...

Jupiter is home to one of the few remaining dog friendly beaches in the state of Florida. Whether you live in Jupiter or are just visiting, the rules apply to you.

A day at the beach can be some of the best times for you and your dog. The sun, the surf, and the beautiful surroundings are part of what you both love most about Jupiter. So don't be part of the problem be part of the solution in keeping Jupiter beaches fun for EVERYONE.

It is the responsibility of dog owners, not the dog, to respect others.

Before you head to the beach with man's best friend here are some things you need to know:

  • Dogs are allowed on non-guarded beaches from Jupiter to Juno Beach. (South of Carlin Park and North or Marcinski) 
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash or in voice command at all times.
  • Please refrain dogs from shaking water on or invading the space of others.
  • You must ALWAYS clean up after your dog. There are special Dog Kiosk that provide plastic bags for your convenience in case you forget your own.
  • Keep your dog in front of you or beside you at all times so you can see where they are and what they are doing.
  • Do not bury feces in the sand or throw it in the dunes or water. Encourage your dog to "go" at home before you get to the beach.
  • Only allow dog to run when you have found a desolate spot on the beach...giving no one reason to complain.
  • Try to bring your dog to the beach at less crowded hours, early morning or late afternoon. It's also more comfortable for your dog at these times because it will be a little cooler.



Dog Beach Care...
Reprinted with permission from Friends of Jupiter Beach.

  • Give your dog a shady spot and plenty of fresh water.  Don't let your dog drink sea water.
  • Dogs sunburn, especially those with short hair, white fur, and pink skin.  Limit your dog's exposure and apply sunblock to his ears and nose 30 minutes before going outside.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to hot asphalt or sand, which can burn a dog's paws.
  • Dogs are easy targets for sea lice and jellyfish.  Check for daily water conditions.
  • Keep an eye on your dog.  Running on the sand is strenuous exercise.  A dog that is out of shape can easily pull a tendon or ligament.
  • Salt and other minerals in ocean water can damage your dog's coat, so rinse him off at the end of the day.

Swimming Saftey...

  • Most dogs enjoy swimming, but some can't swim.  Others hate the water.  Know your dog's preferences and skills before trying to make him swim.
  • If you're swimming with your dog for the first time, start in shallow water and coax him in by calling his name.  Encourage him with toys and treats.  Or let him follow another experienced dog he is friendly with.
  • Never throw a dog into the water.
  • If you dog begins to paddle with his front legs, lift his hind legs and help him float.  He should quickly catch on and keep his back end up.
  • Dont let your dog over do it.  Swimming is very hard work and may tire quickly.
  • At the ocean, be careful of strong tides and know if rip currents have been reported.  Never leave your dog unattended in water

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